YEMMX | Andy Stott – Luxury Problems
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Andy Stott – Luxury Problems

Manchester based producer Andy Stott has made an impact on the underground dub techno scene over the past few years particularly with his two 2011 EPs <i>Passed Me By</i> and <i>We Stay Together</i>. In this deeply packed 8 track album, Stott introduces the voice of operatically trained vocalist Alison Skidmore, which really darkens and slows down his work, taking a further step away from fast tempo drug fuelled dance music. Leaving that behind, it puts this album in a drone-like experimental state filled with repetition and brooding synths and beats.

To me this album feels like reminiscing about the previous ‘night out’. Capturing the emotion, energy and hypnagogia in each track, really pushing the boundaries of the word ‘surreal’.