YEMMX | Atoms for Peace – Before Your Very Eyes
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Atoms for Peace – Before Your Very Eyes

Radiohead’s Thom Yorke and producer Nigel Hawthorn’s “Atoms for Peace” project released on of the best records of 2013 early this year in “Amok”, an excursion into the dance music influences they share. This video for their new single and album opener “Before Your Very Eyes” has some crazy visuals.

Director Andrew Thomas Huang has made some great videos in the form of his strange take on nature and rituals in short “Solopsist” and his video for Bjork’s single “”Mutual Core”.He carries through stylistically combining 3D modelling and stop motion to create these eerie landscapes that seem to melt and reverberate to Yorke’s distant vocals and the afro-rhythms.

Embedded below is a video breaking down how the arduous process of creating his stunning visuals.