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atoms for peace

Atoms for Peace – Before Your Very Eyes

Radiohead's Thom Yorke and producer Nigel Hawthorn's "Atoms for Peace" project released on of the best records of 2013 early this year in "Amok", an excursion into the dance music influences they share. This video for their new single and album opener "Before Your Very...

mala in cuba

Mala in Cuba

Mala In Cuba / 2012 / Brownswood Recordings By far Mala's most interesting musical release, as well as his longest, the aptly named, Mala in Cuba was inspired by the producer's visit to Havana with Giles Peterson in 2012. Although this is a distinct change in...


The Knife – Shaking the Habitual

Rabid Records / 2013 The Knife have come a long way from the sugary 80's pop sound that once signified their arrival in the world. It's an extensive road down a winding and variable auditory landscape, with pop signposts strewn around the edges. If The Knife and...


Andy Stott – Luxury Problems

Manchester based producer Andy Stott has made an impact on the underground dub techno scene over the past few years particularly with his two 2011 EPs <i>Passed Me By</i> and <i>We Stay Together</i>. In this deeply packed 8 track album, Stott introduces the voice of...


Voice of the Seven Woods

Voice of The Seven Woods - S/T (2007, Twisted Nerve) Voice of The Seven Woods aka Rick Tomlinson is an illusive yet prolific musician from Bolton, This LP however does not sound as if it were born of backwater England: It's an unabashed ode to a lifetime...